Customer Reviews

Duke designed and created a gorgeous, unique engagement ring for my son. You will not see anyone else wearing the same jewelry as you because it's custom-made. Don't worry about the price because you can get a great bargain on real gems. This is not like a jewelry in the mall. Duke is a real jeweler.

Gail in TX

Duke is such an experienced jeweler. He is good with repairs and with designing a one of a kind piece. Bill has done repairs for me and fixed an antique watch that others told me it could not be fixed. I absolutely recommend Duke. He is an excellent jeweler and true too his word..



Duke while very small store front has exceptional creations!  Very unique, high quality pieces with respectable but not too high prices.  You get the benefits of a custom jewelry with out big chain markup.  He can do one of a kind personified design.  He also specializes in all kinds of repair.  Great service.  I highly recommend. Amy In TX


Absolutely recommend. Repaired an acquire silver watch of mine that was in my family for decades!
Looks brand new! Duke assured me the watch would be fixed and that I was safe to leave it with him. They have earned my trust and respect as a store. Tori in TX

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